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Relationships Matter!

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

In my decades of history in the Outdoor Hospitality world, I've seen the same stuff you have. Inflated claims, false promises, overhyped missions to 'disrupt' the industry. I think a lot of us have seen companies come and go, others struggling to get market share, some succeeding, others not. That's why Intrepid Capital Group is a little different; this isn't a new company at all, but rather an extension of many years of networking in the industry.

We have had the privilege of working with a lot of great people and companies over the years, and that's who and what we gravitate towards. People who say what they mean and mean what they say, believe in accountability and integrity, and 'do the right thing'. It's not a lost art form. They are successful because they believe as we believe; that relationships matter, and integrity is at the core of any meaningful business relationship.

The core mission of this site is really borne out of practicality. We are often solicited for recommendations to reputable lenders for a wide variety of needs, and we've been bridging those relationships for many years. In order to be more efficient, we decided to assemble this site with a basic intake form to gather the initial info lenders will need, which we will then send along to the best lender to bridge the introduction. Simple.

We do not pretend to promise we can get you funded. We also can't promise it will go to hundreds of lenders, because that isn't the goal. What we can pledge is that when we forward your info to the few, select partners we recommend, they will reach out to you because relationships do matter, and we have great relationships with each specific lender we recommend.

There you have it! A very simple pledge that once we learn a bit about what you're looking to do, we can refer you to the right people to take care of you. We would love to help you however we can! We are Commercial Real Estate Brokers, we are Developers, we are looking to acquire properties, and we are consultants. And we are proud to have co-founded Expitality, the leading Experiential Hospitality firm serving the industry. To learn more simply fill out the Intake form and let's see what we can do for you!

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